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Bob’s Services, Inc. was founded by Bob Brown in 1952. Like many companies, it started out as a one horse "do it all" operation. Over the years, with the devotion of a loving wife and the addition of three sons, BSI grew quickly. In 1991, Bob’s son Bill took the reigns as president, and business has continued to grow. BSI now employs a staff of over 40 Alaskans with better than 30 percent having a 10 year or greater tenure.
The "do it all" idea has expanded as well. BSI is the state’s largest stocking truck body and conversion house. Additionally, BSI is one of the state’s largest stocking hydraulic warehouse featuring several leading hydraulic manufactures.
In the natural progression of sales to installation, the BSI shop capacity has grown over the years to a complete fabrication and machine shop. The BSI shop has produced items ranging from widg-its to our own hand-built 40 cubic yard refuse front end loader trucks. To increase independence and quality control, the acquisition of several pieces of specialize equipment was needed. The hub of this upgrade was an ERMC Press brake/shear able to handle up to .50" materials up to 121" in length also added at this time was a Koike pattern table, two lathes, a mill and a 58 foot paint booth.
The two key points in this growth has been BSI’s ongoing commitment to service and repair. All of the products sold by BSI can be repaired and/or serviced by our in-house technicians. The second key point is BSI’s extensive parts stock. We have quick access to the parts and units needed by our customers, so your requests can be quickly fulfilled. Below is a list of contacts for each primary service areas.

Founder of Bob's Services 1952
Bill Brown and Kaylene Brown
Muncie Power Products
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• Get the job done timely
• Think about and be ready for what       comes next
• Learn from past mistakes


• Before starting, check for readiness
• Make a plan, take action, and keep promises
• Keep a steady pace


• Know the schedule, use the tool
• Stay up on tech and use best-in-class
• Bring energy and purpose to your work • Follow-up and follow-through


• Be polite and thankful
• Embrace/suggest new tools or processes
• Always have a positive attitude

• Learn the language of those you show gratitude to


• Go the extra mile because it is right
• Look at the big picture and go beyond  expectations
• Capitalize on opportunities to over-deliver

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